AUG. 21st - 25th, 2023

Forward Fest 2022

Panel: Entrepreneurs Share Key Lessons Learned from Building Their Tech MVPs

Learn from local entrepreneurs who used tech to turn their ideas into reality
  • Hosted by Ten Forward Consulting
  • In-Person: Ten Forward Consulting: 119 E. Main Street, Ste 300
  • Free


Friday, Aug. 19th, 2022 from 4 PM to 5:30 PM


Join a curated panel of local entrepreneurs who utilized tech to turn their ideas into reality as they share lessons learned from building out their MVPs. Panelists will talk about what what went well, how they might approach things differently in the future, and general advice for entrepreneurs looking to dip their toes into tech.

Join us for what's sure to be a great discussion!

Snacks and drinks will be provided.


Amanda DoAmaral, Co-Founder // Fiveable

Amanda DoAmaral is an educator, activist, and co-founder of Fiveable - a social productivity platform for students. She spent a half a decade teaching high school history in Oakland, CA, where her passion for creating equitable educational opportunities was ignited. Amanda has been a vocal advocate for inclusive history curriculum and is active within the Milwaukee tech community.

Lydie Hudson, Founder // BrandScope, 13Now

Lydie Hudson, with her background as a lawyer, has founded two companies. BrandScope gives companies with strong brands a solution to manage their trademark portfolios.  13Now is a tool that allows investors to comply with certain SEC regulations.

Emmanuel Quame Buah, Co-Founder & CTO // Airfordable

Emmanuel Quame Buah is a product & full stack engineer with enthusiasm for building products and services people want. He's co-founded a couple of start-ups in the Networking and Fintech space. Currently, he's co-founder & CTO of Airfordable - payment plans for flight. Besides product engineering, he's a movie buff, enjoys soccer, and loves exploring different cultures near and far!

Gretchen Erdmann-Hermans, Founder // WorkerMee

Gretchen Erdmann-Hermans founded the community connection platform WorkerMee as an alternative to social media. The peer-to-peer job marketplace allows teens to find jobs and advertise their micro-businesses to neighbors in order to build references and work experience for college and early career applications. Erdmann-Hermans went from the inspiration in late February to launching an MVP in early June, a mere three months later. Drawing on her background in graphic design, she provided wireframes of the concept and worked closely with developers for feasibility and cost estimates. A team of female web developers at Ten Forward Consulting completed the MVP project. is part of the StartingBlock Social Impact Cohort 2022.

About the space

Ten Forward Consulting is custom web and mobile development shop, located right off the Capitol Square.


There are multiple parking garages and parking lots within a few blocks, including:

  • Block89 Parking Ramp
  • 114 E Main St Parking Ramp
  • Brayton Parking Lot

The following bus lines have stops nearby:

2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 15, 23, 27, 70, 72, 75


Ten Forward Consulting is located in an accessible building; an entrance with stairs is located off Main Street, while the entrance in the back of the building, off Webster Street, features an elevator. It has a gender neutral bathroom, which includes a diaper-changing station.

Babes in arms are most welcome, but as there will be alcoholic beverages available, this event is not otherwise intended for children.

Proof of vaccination against covid is required to attend this event.

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