August 19 - 23 • 2024

Forward Fest 2022

Side Project Work Night

Need some extra time to work on a side project? Do it with Friends!
  • Hosted by The Bodgery
  • In-Person: The Bodgery: 740 Oscar Ave, Madison, WI 53704
  • Free
  • #sideprojectworknight


Tuesday, Aug. 16th, 2022 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Side project work night is a time for you to work on a passion project that you've been putting energy into with like-minded folks! Whether your passion project is software, hardware, yarn, art, or some combination of all of these things, come and work on it with friendly folks that are working on their own stuff! If you want, you can ask questions about their projects or share struggles you have been having with yours. The evening often concludes with a brief show and tell of what you've been working on.

  • Workshop
  • Bio / Health
  • Arts
  • Social Good
  • Tech / Software
  • Games
  • General


Registration for this event is closed.