Monday, August 20

12:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Discovery Building - Orchard Room
Orchard Room
330 N Orchard St
Madison, WI 53715

From university-led research, to scrappy start-ups, to corporate investment, Wisconsin has been at the forefront of the evolution of agriculture. Perhaps overlooked, is how these different centers of innovation are interconnected. Research ideas from the university are spun off into start-ups; start-up acquisition leads to innovation at larger ag tech companies, which in turn support funding of university research. In addition, Wisconsin innovations in ag have had a profound impact on public and private sectors around the globe, helping to drive business and policy decisions across sectors. What will Wisconsin offer next in the way of innovation?

In this inaugural event, we will showcase tech innovators with Wisconsin roots that are helping to push the frontiers of data-driven agriculture and demonstrate the connections within our community that make Wisconsin a leader in the industry.

Hosted by Earthling Interactive custom software and web solutions provider.

Earthling Interactive
Sponsored by: Earthling Interactive

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