Thursday, August 16

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Madison Public Library
201 West Mifflin St., 3rd floor, Madison, WI 53703

It can be hard to determine when you're making a difference. So, let's make it easy. The Social Good Summit has always focused on social change and how community and entrepreneurship collide to create a wonderful world of hope and most importantly, make a difference.

The 5th annual Social Good Summit focus is a showcase of Madison's change-makers. Join us for this showcase event and meet the people and projects of the 2018 Social Good Accelerator (SGA)Madison's innovative social good community. They are changing the way entrepreneurship will touch our lives.

It’s time to accelerate good— to push back against a world gone awry. You can and will make a difference by joining us, learning about, and assisting the people and projects working to make Madison more equitable, hospitable, and valuable to all. Sure, you'll get to listen and learn, but you'll also get to touch, create, share. Your time, energy, and expertise are valued and highly beneficial.

Come, help us accelerate social good, by engaging with the people and projects that are combining a strong bottom line with a strong community-driven value. We've introduced an accelerator model for Madison, that supports projects focused on fixing the basic needs of people and communities— creating thriving, vibrant communities. Be a part of it.

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