Sunday, August 19

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Henry Vilas Zoo
702 S Randall Ave
Madison, WI 53715

What do parenting and running a business have in common? MULTITASKING! We would like to invite you to a family-focused, all-ages networking event. You heard us! Family time + Business networking!

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner looking to meet other business professionals who seek work/family balance? So are we! And we have noticed a significant gap in the support network. Our goal is to foster a startup ecosystem in Madison that values and supports founders and their families. We are advocating for the children of founders of both “startups” and “small businesses.”

After all, if we want Madison to be the kind of place people want to grow their business, we need to make it the kind of place they want to raise their families.

This is an excellent opportunity to…

1. Connect with other supportive startup families.

2. Connect your children with friends whose parents are committed to entrepreneurship.

3. Help raise awareness and increase the community acceptance of bringing kids into the Trep ecosystem.

Come enjoy ice cream treats and zoo activities with connecting with other supportive entrepreneurs and their kids.

Don’t have kids? No problem! You’re still invited to come network and have some fun!

Sponsored by: SupraNet Communications
Sponsored by: Zendesk
Sponsored by: Matrix Coworking

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