Thursday, August 23

10:00 am – 11:30 am

StartingBlock Madison
821 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

"Well, put some skates on, be your own hero." ~ Whip It

Roller derby is a sport that encourages people to put on their own skates and be their own hero.

Entrepreneurs who have done just that - dreamed big, taken the leap, laced up their skates and took the track - will be sharing their stories and experiences of what it took to prepare and set off into brave new worlds.

From political campaigning to the gaming industry, from personal training to the salon and retail industries, these panelists will talk about what it takes to create new spaces with a mission in competitive industries. Drawing on the lessons they've learned as athletes and officials - and most importantly, as volunteers - in a grassroots sport, they'll provide insight into how learning to fall and get up is critical to launch and persevere in new endeavors.

Brunch pizza and salad from Ian's Pizza and coffee from Just Coffee will be provided for all attendees. Come meet, mix and mingle with Madison Roller Derby and an eclectic group of go-getters and leaders who have proven themselves champions in their own right.


Ian’s Pizza
Sponsored by: Ian’s Pizza
Just Coffee Co-op
Sponsored by: Just Coffee Co-op

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